UK-wide 03 telephone numbers have been launched by Ofcom as a consumer friendly way to replace the old style and expensive non-geographical national and local rate 08 numbers. The new style non-geographical 03 phone numbers will cost exactly the same to call as a call to a local or national geographical (01 or 02) number.

You do not need any new telephone lines or equipment to use 03 phone numbers from, as we provide low cost, sophisticated, call routing and statistic packages with all 03 numbers.

Great News for Callers

The availability of new 03 phone numbers is great news for callers because Ofcom are forcing phone companies (land-line and mobile) to charge the same rate for 01, 02 and 03 phone calls and to allow calls to 03 numbers to be used and deducted from bundled, pre-paid or discounted call plan minutes at the same rate as 01 and 02 calls.

Great News for Businesses

Low cost 03 numbers are also great news for businesses because they can now use non-geographical phone numbers without alienating their customers by forcing them to use the old expensive 087 and 084 numbers.

Great News for Marketing Budgets

Non-geographincal UK-wide 03 phone numbers are not expensive for businesses to deploy or use and can provide you with a fantastic selection of tools and reports that will enable you to track how effective your marketing can be.

03 phone numbers can provide the solution for you.

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